Tucson, Then and Now

This website came out of a desire to share one of the most interesting parts of Tucson, the Barrio, with the public at large. The Barrio (sometimes referred to as Barrio Historico or Barrio Libre) is one of the oldest parts of Tucson that is still extant, and excellent examples of traditional Sonoran architecture abound. Bounded, roughly, by Main Street to the east, Cushing Street on the north, Stone Avenue on the west and 17th Street to the south, the Barrio is quite compact, yet extremely varied; some buildings have undergone significant restoration, while others sit abandoned.
A thoughtful architectural analysis of the Barrio structures is far beyond my capabilities. In its stead, I present a rather large 'then and now' photo essay of the area (and a few other parts of Tucson).
The 'then' photographs were found through the Library of Congress, with most taken in the summer of 1980, some in 1937, and a few from the 1880s. In all cases, I believe these photos are either in the public domain or are not eligible for a copyright (many were commissioned for the Government, making them ineligible for copyright protection).
The 'now' photos were all taken on 20 December 2002. In all cases, these photos are copyrighted, and can only be used for non-commercial purposes, provided proper credit is given. Commercial use is expressly forbidden.
With that out of the way, let's get started. While I tried to keep the individual pages small (under 150kBytes), some may take a while to load, so be patient. 
If you'd like to learn a little bit more about what Tucson has to offer, check out Tucson.Halversen.com. Thanks!
El Tiradito
363 S Meyer
486-490 S Meyer 1
505 S Meyer
521-525 S Meyer
575-585 S Meyer
Meyer Street Scene 2
440 S Convent Detail
441-447 S Convent
471-473 S Convent
492-494 S Convent
517 S Convent
Convent Ave Scene 2
141-147 W Simpson
140 W Kennedy
124 N Stone
212 S Main
443 S Meyer
486-490 S Meyer 2
508-518 S Meyer
527-529 S Meyer
600 S Meyer
Meyer Street Scene 3
440 S Convent
451 S Convent
479-481 S Convent
496-498 S Convent
519-527 S Convent
Convent Ave Scene 3
400 W Simpson
147 W Kennedy
5th and Main
315 S Main
477 S Meyer
486-490 S Meyer 3
509-513 S Meyer
558-564 S Meyer
614 S Meyer
418 S Convent 1
432-436 S Convent
459 S Convent
482-484 S Convent
500-502 S Convent
531 S Convent
Convent Ave Scene 4
29-33 W Kennedy
148-150 W Kennedy
Labor Temple
447-451 S Main
485-489 S Meyer
499-501 S Meyer
520-526 S Meyer
571 S Meyer
Meyer Street Scene 1
418 S Convent 2
432-436 S Convent
469-471 S Convent
483 S Convent
504-506 S Convent
Convent Ave Scene 1
139 W Simpson
74 W Kennedy
168½ W Kennedy
47 E Alameda