The Local Couple's Guide
to Tucson

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Part of Saguaro National Park

Part of Saguaro National Park

Several years ago, when we were going to take our first trip to San Diego, we checked on the internet for things to see and do while there. One web site in particular stood out - The Local Guy's Guide to San Diego. It was exactly what we had been looking for; a simple guide without all the tourist hype. Instead it was basic, the Local Guy just listed the things he liked about San Diego with appropriate directions. It was like having a relative living there, wanting to show off the best of San Diego, without trying to get some sort of kickback from the sights listed (Heck, some of the sights where just hiking trails, how could they pay a kickback?).

Unfortunately, The Local Guy's Guide to San Diego no longer exists (at least we can't find it), so at the risk of making a web site that pales by comparison to the original, we humbly submit our guide to Tucson, AZ. If these pages don't answer your questions about Tucson, feel free to send us an e-mail; we'll try to provide an answer.

Note: Everything listed on these pages are our opinions, your mileage may vary. Any errors on these pages are our own, for which we apologize.

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