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One thing that would be cool to have is a link to your Local Guide to .... It's easy, just bust out a couple paragraphs about the things you like to see and do where you live, places you take out of town guests to, or restaurants you like to eat at. Host 'em on a server, and send an e-mail with the URL to: (Note: Include 'Local Couple' in the subject line, or it'll be marked/deleted/bounced automatically as spam) Remember, it doesn't have to be fancy – content is key, but it does have to be Local – things unique and special to your area. And, of course, no commercial sites.
If you just can't put together a local site, at least take the time to write a short review for you're favorite restaurant at ChefMoz the open directory dining guide. Thanks!

One of our big complaints with traveling is that most places that are recomended as places to eat are chains. Sorry, but we can eat at a TGIFriday's here in Tucson, why would we do so in Timbuktu? Instead, show your support for the local restaurants by checking out Council of Independent Restaurants of America.

Local Guides to (links verified 21 Feb., 2006):

San Francisco We happened to find this one through Google. Thought it fit the bill for a Local Guide. Asked permission to link to it (of course), and received it. We think it's an excellent site, exemplifying our ideals as to what a Local Guide should be. Check it out, even if you're not planning on visiting SF anytime soon.

Monterey Bay Peninsula Also found through Google. We found this site to be quite helpful for our most recent trip to the Monterey area.

For London, UK, and the Irish Republic there is the Knowhere Guide. This site is full of information from locals, about what's the best and worst in their areas.

Also in the UK, there's the alternative guide to Bracknell. Now if only we knew where Bracknell is....

The Alternative Guide to Scotland is worth looking through, even if you're not headed that way. You can just hear the accent in some of the reviews!

Well, one of our favorite places to visit is San Diego, and Local Wally does a pretty good job being your tour guide.

If the Boston area is in your plans, check out Wendy and Tom Dine Out! Having lived in the Boston area, we have tried some of these places ourselves, and while we don't agree on the quality of the food at Redbones (we think it's one of the best BBQ places), that's the point of having different opinions.

Well, here's another page about Tucson; feel free to check out Jerry Peek's Tucson Page. Be careful, apparently this one has a number of popups. Ugh.

And another on Tucson that I stumbled upon when looking up Mi Cabana (a restaurant for which I was preparing a review). Discovering the Tucson Landscape is mainly a photo essay, but that's okay, too.

And yet another on Tucson. They found these pages and let me know about their Tucson Blog. Fun and good photos: Tucson Querido.

Hawaii's on you travel agenda? Check out Dakine.net - The Local's Guide to Hawaii.

Since we will be heading to London soon, we're looking at Alternative London.