Places we Avoid around Tucson


As with anyone, we have our personal likes and dislikes, and this page lists a few of the things in Tucson that we just won't patronize. This is also a page were we get up on our soapbox and do a little proselytizing; if you don't agree with what we say here, that's perfectly fine with us. If you decide these are the best places in Tucson, and can't imagine why we would avoid them, please feel free to visit them as much as you want. We wouldn't dream of stopping you.

The Wildlife Museum.

This really seems to be a misnomer, since everything here is dead. While we thought that the penchant for collecting big game went out of style around the turn of the 20 th century, this place proves us wrong. And with a continued emphasis on killing animals for display, we cannot support this organization with our trade.

The Shopping Mall(s) at Skyline and Campbell.

Now that "La Cucaracha" is nearing completion, we must say that it's worse than expected. Destroying one of the nicer corners in the foothills so people can purchase overpriced groceries from an upscale Basha's (AJ's) and some glassware at Crap 'n Barrel. Oh, and don't forget Sunglass Rut. Wooo! What a waste. Its only saving grace is that it's not a Walgreen's.

We're sorry, but more shopping is not what Tucson needs, especially when storefronts elsewhere are empty. Besides, does every single major street and intersection in Tucson have to end up looking like.... Well, you get the idea.

While we can't stop the creation of these blights, we can, and do, refuse to have anything to do with them. It's not much, but it is a little salve to an otherwise open wound. (Just so you know, we also avoid the Tucson Mall, the retail shops on the NE corner of Campbell and River, all 7-11s, Circle Ks, Fast Food joints, and probably a number of other establishments).