Fox Theatre Marquee
The Fox Theatre is currently
undergoing restoration and
should reopen in 2004.

Tucson, Tuesday, January 23, 1934 --

Breakfast at ....

Nearing Stone Avenue, you spot a place to get a bite to eat, just across from Grabe Electric Co. "Ah, nothing like fresh coffee," you think to yourself, as you step smartly across Congress. Just down from the Del Rey Buffet is the Fox Theatre. "Oh, Going Hollywood with Bing Crosby and Marion Davies is playing. And this is the last night before The Private Life of Henry VIII, that'll hold me over 'til Dine and Dance Thursday at the Midnight Club on South 6th."

"Hey bub, watch where yer going!" rings out as a man steps out of the Del Rey and into the street.

"Excuse me," you start to say, but he's already headed into Grabe Electric. "Hey wait a minute, that's one of the guys that was carrying out the suitcases this morning; I guess being nearly killed in a fire will make anyone a bit surly." You watch as the man as the man idly picks up a radio. "No sense in keeping that coffee waiting ...."

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