Tucson, Thursday, January 25, 1934 --

Grabe Electric Location

The Approximate location of Grabe Electric, 70 years later.

The arrest of "Fat" Charlie Makley.

"Here it is, two days later, and nothing!" you say to yourself as you head back to pay for the breakfast ordered on Tuesday, "I guess that's to be expected for this two bit horse town. By now the gang's left and there's no way I'll get a piece of the reward."

Just then you notice an officer exiting Grabe Electric company store, with one of the gang. It's the same one you saw Tuesday checking out the radios. Maybe you'll get a bit of the reward after all. As you get closer you overhear the officer talking with the gang member.

"Just a routine check of your automobile registration at the station, sir. After that you can be on your way."

"That figures, these Tucson cops have no clue about who there about to let slip away. Serves 'em right," you mutter as you head on about your business ....

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