Tucson's Public Art
Wave Wall

Wave Wall by Unknown (2004?)

Location: River Road Between Campbell Ave and First Ave.

Details: Concrete, river rock, and steel sound barrier wall

She Said:

I like these sound barrier walls along River Road. They're functional and decorative at the same time, and actually enhance the roadway. The road itself sweeps around and the rock work on the bottom of the walls echoes that movement. The individuals who designed these sound barrier walls showed a sensitivity to the surroundings that adds to the area rather than detracting from it.

He Said:

This piece is perfect for along River Road. The river rock undulating along the bottom, the steel waves along the top (or maybe they are brush being bent over by the rushing water), and seeing them both at the same time form a perfect backdrop to the Rillito. As a note for those not from Tucson, usually the Rillito (Spanish for "Little River") is dry, or partly dry, but when the rains fill the river bed,  watch out.

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