Tucson's Public Art

Title: Sonora, by David Black (1991)

Location: 110 North Stone Avenue. In front of the Tucson-Pima Library

Details: Commissioned by the City of Tucson Library Department & Tucson-Pima County Arts Council.

He Said:

Looks pretty cool! I know a number of people in Tucson who get worked up about this, claiming it's just plain ugly, but what's the big deal? With it, you have a bright red sculpture that doubles as seating and an unmistakable landmark for providing directions to the library: "The Library? Drive down Stone Avenue until you see the red landing beacon placed by the aliens from Zog; you can't miss it."

She Said:

I like this piece; it's a wonderful color, and it's whimsical, in a way.  Sometimes it reminds me of a large, red spider, a tarantula, lurching its way across the library plaza.  Kudos to the commissioners for choosing a sculptor with imagination!

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