Tucson's Public Art
Chicago Music land Mural

Title: Unknown, by Unknown (2008-9)

Location: 130 East Congress Avenue. Behind the Chicago Music Land Store

Details: Painted Mural

He Said:

I really like this piece.  Kind of whimsical. Kind of fun. I like the way the background is muted and is lacking in detail, while the portrait has a high degree of photo realism. Together it make a nice juxtaposition. But best of all, it makes you want to try to hang a spoon on your nose, doesn't it?

She Said:

I like this piece; it's a wonderful color, and it's whimsical, in a way.  Sometimes it reminds me of a large, red spider, a tarantula, lurching its way across the library plaza.  Kudos to the commissioners for choosing a sculptor with imagination!

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